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How Does Chem-Dry Support Master Franchise Partners?

A World-Class Global Franchise Brand

workerMed-1122010113423_standardChem-Dry provides training to Master Franchise partners as well as marketing support. We offer:

Training and Support

– A 1-2 week training program for operational leaders.

– A 1-week training program for Master Franchise partners.

– Operations and technical manuals for all aspects related to our products and procedures.

– An annual convention and Master Franchisee Forums that offer opportunities to exchange ideas and receive more training.

– Webinar training sessions.

– Continuous training at offices across the U.S.

– Website with a Franchise Support module and blogs to help you communicate with franchisees.

– Operational and Technical Support for any questions or concerns.

Marketing Assistance

– Advertising materials

– Ready-to-use print material

– Social media

– Website

– Shared collaboration via fellow Master Franchise partners and information obtained by our field support team.