Chem-Dry, The NAtural Way to Clean CArpets and Upholstery
Chem-Dry Home Health Study

Top Rated Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Entrepreneur magazine is the standard for small business owners and entrepreneurs, who devour its articles for helpful business advice and direction.

Chem-Dry has made the list for an astounding 28 straight years, one of the longest running streaks in franchise history. For 2015, Chem-Dry is ranked 63rd on the Top 500 list. In addition, Chem-Dry on its list of top home-based franchises and on its list of top opportunities for veterans and minorities.

Best Cleaning Franchises: More Than Rankings

As great as Entrepreneur’s endorsement is, an even more telling ranking comes from our average tenure. Chem-Dry Master Franchise owners enjoy some of the longest franchise ownership tenures in the industry. Our average owner stays with us for 17 years, more than twice the typical seven year tenure common in the franchise industry.

Driving our Master Franchise owners’ happiness is a stellar and industry-high customer rating. Our customers love what we do, and 96 percent of them choose to use us again.


Do a quick Google search related to customer reviews and you’ll see that we consistently earn five-star customer ratings. Homeowners, landlords, realtors and office managers will tell you they use Chem-Dry because it really is cleaner, drier and healthier; the carpet dries more quickly, stays cleaner longer and doesn’t leave behind irritating soapy or chemical residue.

Don’t take our word for it. Research it for yourself and let us know what you find.